Wednesday, 28 February 2018


With February all but done, what have I done?
As detailed in my last post I finished shawl 2 for this year's Boo Knits Challenge, Spirit of Friendship. I've still barely taken that thing off, we are experiencing some extremely cold weather right now and it's been marvellous. I finished that on 13th February so I was feeling in a valentinesy sort of mood and I cast on a red silk Forever Yours using Knit Picks Luminance.
I only bought 50g of yarn and this pattern is designed for a smaller skein so it seemed like the perfect project. The pattern had repeatable sections to help you make the most of your yardage and I've been making use of the super helpful shawl calculator to help me plan out how many repeats of each section I can do. I'm now on the final chart before I cast off so hopefully I should have another shawl to show off very soon.
I have however put that project on a short hiatus on Monday because, as I mentioned, it's a bit nippy here and was set to get colder during the week. With the promise of temps of -5 degrees C and below I decided that I needed another hat more than I needed another lace shawl so I cast on Holm using DROPS Puna and put Forever Yours aside until that's done. I had intended to start this hat a couple of weeks ago but I'd started reading through the pattern and decided that it hurt my brain too much and put it off for a bit! I'll talk more about the pattern once the hat is done, but I'll say that it's actually been really simple so far, it's just that the pattern looks a bit intimidating at first glance.
As in January I have done no sewing whatsoever, the dining room is still full of stuff and despite my good intentions I haven't got round to finding homes for it all yet. Honestly though, I'm a total Winter Olympics addict and I can't sew in front of the TV so I was always going to be knitting mostly this month anyway. We've all been ill at various times over the last few weeks too so the sofas have been getting lots of love! Hopefully February went ok for everyone, roll on March!

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