Sunday, 9 April 2017

Miss Daisy

More tiny knitting today! With a new baby brother cramping her style I figure my niece Alice deserved some new knitwear too. I've had Miss Daisy by Lisa Chemery on my to knit list for an age so I thought this was the perfect time to go for it.

I used DROPS Loves You 5 again for this, in a very memorable shade of green. Nothing like eye searing acid green to chase away all memories of rainbows!

I'll admit that knitting this did seem like a bit of a slog. The raglan section was really fast but then you pick up stitches all around and knit the shawl collar and lower back all together in the round. The rows seem pretty long at this point and then you double your stitches and they get even longer. It was pretty inevitable that whatever I knitted after doing a bunch of tiny baby clothes it was going to seem epic, but this probably wasn't the best choice. Once that bit was done the sleeves went super quickly and all in all this only took 5 days of fairly leisurely knitting, so I'm aware that it seemed to take longer than it did in reality.

With the ends all woven in, it was time to choose a button which is always a fun task for me. I was very surprised by how many colours look really good with acid green! I toyed with bright pink, turquoise, purple and white but in the end I picked one that matched perfectly instead. I felt that all the other colours looked fab but drew the eye too much and rather stole the show. I'd love to make a plainer cardigan in a similar shade and let the buttons be the stars but on this occasion it didn't feel right. The button I picked does have a nice little pattern on it, so it's not completely plain. It's also nice to use one of the random single buttons that I have in the stash because I so often need a whole set and the ones with no friends always get overlooked.

Overall I'm happy with this, I think it will be a while before I knit another because it felt like a whole lot of never-ending ribbing but it's a pretty cardigan and I would love to knit one for Felicity before she gets too much bigger. She'll want purple though, always purple!

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