Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ah, this is where I left my blog!

Hey!  It's been a while, I've completely got out of the blogging habit, but it's a new(ish) year and I'm in the middle of a serious push to get more organised and get on top of things.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but now Cassie is in school and Lissy is in preschool I'm finding keeping track of everyone to be a total uphill struggle.  For some reason I thought I could keep everything in my brain and ended up not knowing left from right!  I've finally admitted defeat and fallen hard down the rabbit hole marked 'Filofax' and now I can remember where I've left everyone, where I'm supposed to be and who was supposed to be at a birthday party 2 hours ago (seriously, I can never go through that again!).  I have, however, been pretty productive over the last few months so I'm just going to do a drive by 'what I've been up to' post today and maybe elaborate on anything that's worth elaborating on in a future post.  So, in no particular order, I have....
Made a coat.  Simplicity 1254. I may write up a post of this one because it was a fairly big project and I have ...thoughts about the pattern.  I totally made a coat though.
Knitted a shawl for my Grandma.  Boo Knits, Snow Angel.  She liked it a lot.

Knitted a hat for my sister's fiancee and forgot to take a photo before I gave it to him.  Genius.
Colette Hazel

Tilly &TB Megan Dress

Simplicity 1174
Sewed 2 Christmas dresses for me and 1 for Cassie.  Happy Christmas by the way, it really has been that long!
Took part in this year's Selfish Sweater KAL over in the Untangling Knots Rav Group.  Made a sparkly Hetty, it is sparkly and good.
Sewed a Sew Over It Heather dress.  It is cosy and red and I like it a lot.

Signed up for the Boo Knits 2017 10 shawl challenge.  This is going to be a massive story in my knitting year so I'll come back to this in a future post.  Basically brace yourself for many shawls, much lace and plentiful beads!

So that's it I think.  I'll be back soon, it's in my planner so I have to do it!

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