Thursday, 30 June 2016

FOs: Tops for me

I've got a couple of projects for you today, both tops and both sewn from knit fabric.  Seeing as one of the patterns is a bit of a go to and didn't warrant it's own post, I thought I'd lump them together.
First up is another New Look 6216.  It won't be my last, I could live in these things!
This one is white, the fabric is a stripey burnout type affair and I loves it.  Being sorta see through made it really easy to make sure my stripes were all lined up and the finished effect is really rather nice I think.  Not much more to say, I just wanted to show it off because I like it.
I also very much like this one too and it's a new pattern to me so I can spend a bit more time waxing lyrical about it.  The pattern is Simplicity 1072, which I saw and had to buy immediately!
I love the zig zagging front and the way the raglan shoulder becomes part of that.  Rather than going full on colour block for my first go with this pattern I decided to just add a little sparkle.  I cut out all of the pattern pieces using the black jersey and then cut the centre front panel again out of some sparkly stretchy mesh stuff and laid it over the black.  I like how it's a little bit glam but not super blingy.
Before I was finished sewing I was a little concerned that this would look a bit boring on me, after all it is basically a sweatshirt.  However once I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.  I like the raglan sleeve shape on me and the detail at the front does really make this as a garment.  There is plenty of room in it and I could go down a size if I wanted a more fitted garment but this is lovely and comfy as it is.  Equally great for lounging around at home but I still look reasonably put together if I have to be seen out in public!
The sewing itself was really pretty straightforward.  The front panel did have me scratching my head for a minute or two because I wasn't sure about sewing it on my overlocker like the rest of the seams, but in the end I just sewed the pointy bits with my sewing machine to make sure they'd been caught properly and then overlocked the rest of it.  It seems to have worked out well and because there is a hem band the only other part that I needed a sewing machine for was the sleeve hems, making this a really quick project.  The neckband is a bit of a mess, I'm not sure if it was too short or if it was just due to the specific stretch of the fabric, it doesn't bother me enough to fix it but I'll pay more attention next time.  I'll definitely be making another of these soon and I quite fancy a go at the skirt included in the pattern too.  Maybe I'll wear them together and then I can be as happy as the lady on the envelope!

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