Tuesday, 8 September 2015

FOs: New Look 6216 and Grainline Moss

Hello everybody, today I'm here to share with you the most boring piece of clothing I have ever made. Settle down and feast your eyes upon my grey t-shirt!
I swear this looks way less wonky when I'm not awkwardly posing for the camera!

It has everything you'd want out of a grey t-shirt. It's grey, it fits and it goes with most of my stuff. Hooray! It was also really quick to make and uses hardly any fabric. Double hooray! I attempted to make it a little more interesting by adding a pocket but I didn't do a great job of sewing it on and the placing was really weird so it ended up covering the side of one boob before disappearing under my armpit so I took it straight off again. The pattern also has a long sleeved version and one without the sleeve bands and I can see myself trying those out soon too. More boring t-shirt posts coming up soon then, please contain yourselves.

Just to try and marginally raise the interest level of this post I thought I'd throw in another recent FO. Made from a pattern I've used quite recently and leftover fabric from my last project this is also quite boring but probably a step up from a grey t-shirt.
Check out how nicely the dogs line up at the top of my fly, a happy accident!
 After finishing Cassie's trousers I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had enough fabric left to make a Moss Skirt for me. Seeing as I only bought 1 metre I was really quite impressed. I made the pocket linings and the inside of the waistband out of some scraps from another project though because my metre didn't quite stretch that far. I'm really pleased with this skirt, apart from a little whoops with the pockets it's really neatly constructed and the front fly is much better than on my last one. I used a proper jeans button on this one too as well so it looks really fancy. It looks pretty good with my very interesting grey t-shirt too. Hooray for outfits!

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