Saturday, 22 August 2015

What's in Progress?

After finishing my Nathalie cardigan and my 70s dress I was still in selfish mode and started two more projects just for me.  Once they are done I have promised Cassie that I will make her something, but I'll make it a quick one so that I can get on with more things for meeee!

Driftwood has been in my queue for ages, it's right up my alley and definitely qualifies as a wardrobe essential that will get loads of wear.  I'd been giving a lot of thought to yarn and colour combos and never actually made a decision so I'd put off making it.  Its was only when I was looking at my UFOs and my stash that I had a flash of inspiration and decided to rip out an old project and combine that yarn with some of the same yarn in another colour from the stash.

The UFO, Brights 2 from Rowan Studio 9, was started in 2009, picked up again briefly in 2010 after I had a little push to deal with my longest suffering UFOs and has languished in this state ever since.
Please note that the only thing in the post I linked above that ever got finished were my alpaca socks and they fell victim to Stu and the washing machine not long after they were finished.  Clearly I had no real desire to finish the thing so it was definitely time to rip it out and put the yarn to good use.  I had a load of black Rowan Calmer sitting in the stash waiting to be a bolero cardigan that I was only half convinced that I actually like so it seemed like a good idea to combine the two and knit some thing I'd actually, well, knit.
Sewing-wise I'm currently sewing up New Look 6262 in some lovely bird and butterfly print viscose. I'm just about to stick the zip in and then its just sleeves, neckline and hem left to do.  If this turns out nicely then I can see me making a few versions of this dress in the future.  It's really simple, but has a few different options to mix and match and make each one a little different.  There was another project that I finished before that, but Stu referred to that garment as abomination and he is almost certainly correct so I'm avoiding photographing it for the moment.  But I will share it soon, when you're least expecting it, BAM there it will be in all its day-glo glory.  Betcha can't wait!

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