Monday, 9 March 2015

FO: Simplicity 1325

This one is a bit of a meh and I wasn't sure whether I'd bother posting about it. However, I made it and it is a successful garment including some firsts for me so I'm proud of it even though it's kinda not awesome. Also my photos suck because I wasn't really feeling motivated to show this off too much. With that out of the way, let's go!

Simplicity 1325 is one of those pattern I just had to have as soon as I saw it, just for the dress though, I probably won't make any of the other garments. After I cut out the pieces for my Moss Mini I had loads of fabric left so I cut all the pieces for this too. I went for the tunic length of the dress, which in hindsight was my first mistake. It was winter and I could see me wearing it with leggings and boots and the dress length seemed too long for that.

This was pretty straightforward to sew, the bodice is lined so no messing around with floppy facings. Getting the v neck perfect was a bit fiddly and mine isn't quite right, but next time I'll do better. The instructions for the lapped zip were a bit lacking, but as always You Tube was my friend. I'm really pleased with how the dress itself turned out and I'm keen to sew it again soon, but longer and in a smaller size.

Essentially I need to be less lazy, the perfect length for me is really halfway between the tunic and dress length. I need to trace the whole thing again one size smaller, so I'll take the time to get the skirt length perfect. I'll also line the bodice in a matching fabric instead of pink polka dots, because as careful as I was it does show through. Onwards and upwards, hopefully I'll have a really great version of this to show soon.


2 comments: said...

Just bought this pattern and googled it and found your blog. I like this a lot perfect to wear jeans or leggings. Good blog.

Hannah Smith said...

Thanks 😀 I'll definitely be having another stab at this pattern and I'd love to see what you make.