Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Latest WIP

For the last 13 weeks I’ve been working on a super secret project, which hasn’t really left me much energy for anything else.  Here’s a pic of my progress so far:
Estimated date of completion is 29th March 2012.  That’s right, all being well I’m going to be a mummy!  To be honest it is really only just sinking in, it’s only been since the scan last week that I’ve actually been able to get excited about it, plus I’ve been feeling rather awful for weeks now which kind of takes the shine off.  Anyway so now I can tell people, it all seems a bit more real.

So, while I can see lots of baby knitting in my future the first thing I cast on was for myself.  A lovely plum coloured Shalom which will be just perfect as I get larger over the coming months.  Pics to follow when I remember where I put my camera memory card.  It’s been pretty simple so far, even though the going has been quite slow.  I think that might have something to do with the fact that I fall asleep every time I sit down for more than 5 minutes! 


Alittlebitsheepish said...

Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing the progress on this WIP :)

pinkundine said...

Congratulations, that's great news! Looking forward to seeing some cute baby knits (but I'm glad you're also knitting for yourself!)

Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

Awww, congratulations! Lovely news. That's a very clear piccy for 13 weeks, technology must have come on since I had mine. Best of luck with the new house too.