Monday, 29 November 2010

Where's my snow?

So it seems for a second year in a row Britain is in the thrall of a snowpocalpse, schools shut, people having snow days etc etc.  What have we got?  Bugger all!  There was a tantalising dusting this morning, which managed to whet my appetite for snow and then more bugger all.  Disappointment, I has it.

On the plus side I'm actually making some headway into my Christmas preparations.  Lots of stuff is ordered and on it's way, I've nearly finished another scarf for the Christmas box and I've finished the first of three cross stitch thingys for my friends.  The scarf is one of my own devising, made from yarn I dyed myself so is truly a thing of my own making.  Because of this I keep putting off photographing it in case it has to be quietly put to sleep for being crap!  At the moment it is worryingly curly but if I can block that out it will be great, watch this space....(or if you never hear about it again, assume the worst and speak of it no more).  Anyways, I'll be here dreaming of snow and hoping for a snow day to finish off my Christmas knits.

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